Total Satisfaction

Gamified Front Office

What if front office tasks weren’t just routines but instead were engaging challenges?

Our gamified platform elevates the spirit of your front office team, making every guest interaction a rewarding experience.

Full-Rounded, Full-Service, Features

With the Gamified Front Office module by PurpleCloud, not only do you ensure a heightened guest experience, but you also build a motivated, skilled, and united front office team.

Dashboard Overview

Keep everyone in the loop by seeing: real-time room statuses, icon-based information, and staff locations, all in one snapshot.

Global Communication

Hotels have diverse teams and communication is essential for great operations. Our platform translates all text and messages into hundreds of languages.

Seamless Integrations

We integrated with many popular hospitality systems. Including most major PMS companies, guest interfaces, and tipping platforms.

Location Display

Real-time display showing associate locations and estimated completion times for tasks.

Real-time Task Threads

Always know the current status of a task, while seeing images and associate replies.

Why PurpleCloud?

  • Performance Bonuses: Extra points for outstanding guest feedback or for handling peak times efficiently.
  • Point-Based System: Turn every check-in, guest query, and concierge task into a point-earning opportunity.
  • Rewards Gallery: Points can be redeemed for exciting rewards, be it in-house benefits, raffle entries, vouchers, or even a day off!

Front Office Teams Love PurpleCloud

"We couldn't run our front-office team without PurpleCloud at this point. The icons are always a huge help to our rooms team when trying to prioritize rooms for the day. "

Front Office Supervisor

" Our team is obsessed with the color-coding of the dashboard. So easy to just look for blue and green to know which rooms are ready for check-in. "

Rooms Manager

"We enjoy being able to incentivize our front desk agents with bonus points when they are mentioned in a guest survey. The recognition and appreciation are meaningful."

Director of Operations

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