Fun and Functional

Gamified Engineering

Our Gamified Engineering Module redefines the very essence of facility management by making it interactive, engaging, and rewarding.

Merit in Maintenance.

Rewarding Technical Expertise

  • Point-Based Task Completion: Assign value to routine checks and rapid responses. Engineers earn points, fostering a proactive maintenance culture.
  • Bonus Incentives for Innovation: Encourage creative problem-solving with bonus points for cost-saving suggestions.

Cultivating Skills with Challenges

  • Skill-Based Scenarios: Test and improve your team’s technical acumen with real-life maintenance scenarios, elevating their problem-solving abilities.
  • Professional Growth: Celebrate acquiring new skills and mastering complex systems with digital certificates.

Feedback from Teams Loving PurpleCloud

Creating and responding to maintenance requests has never been easier thanks to PurpleCloud’s built-in work order function. Using this, any employee can snap pictures and create a ticket that shoots right over to our engineers. On top of this, the gamification option makes efficiently cleaning a room and entering tickets fun and rewarding."

Director of Rooms

Texas A&M Hotel

"It is great to see our rooms’ team so engaged and excited about using the system, particularly the built-in gamification tools and ease of work order creation. Our team recently reached 96.6-percent satisfaction and our productivity continue to improve!"

General Manager

Texas A&M Hotel

"PurpleCloud has majorly cut down the amount of time it takes to complete work orders and allows management to keep up to date on all maintenance items. Before PurpleCloud, our team would need to constantly go to the main office to check for new work orders and to update the status of completed work orders.  20% of their shift was spent on JUST walking back and forth to get updated information. "

Director of Engineering

Smoky Mountains Resort

Collaborative Engineering Endeavors

Team Projects

Larger engineering challenges are tackled in teams, encouraging collaboration and collective problem-solving.

Shared Rewards

Group achievements in maintaining the hotel's standards unlock rewards that benefit the entire engineering team.

Engineering Leaderboards

Visualize team performance and encourage a healthy competitive spirit that drives quality and efficiency.

Team Chat

Utilize insights from across the hotel to guide improvements, ensuring that the engineering team is aligned with guest satisfaction and operational needs.


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