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The All-Inclusive Gamification Suite

The Full Gamification & Optimization Suite

Overview: Integrate all the power of PurpleCloud's gamified modules into one comprehensive platform. Enjoy holistic benefits and seamless inter-module communication.


  • All of the individual modules (listed below) are integrated seamlessly
  • Cross-module challenges and tasks
  • Unified leaderboards and point systems
  • Customizable to prioritize hotel-specific objectives

Reported Benefits:

  • 25% overall increase in staff productivity across all departments.
  • 15% boost in positive guest feedback scores.
  • Reduction in employee turnover due to increased job satisfaction.

Priced per room/month

Volume discounting available

Individual Gamified Optimization Modules

Gamified Engineering Module

Overview: This module transforms everyday engineering tasks into engaging challenges. From routine checks to complex maintenance tasks, every responsibility becomes an opportunity to earn points and rewards.


  • Interactive maintenance checklists
  • Time-tracked tasks with images
  • Achievement points for tasks
  • Highly detailed reports on trends

Benefits Reported::

  • 7-minute decrease in maintenance work order completions.
  • Reduction in recurring engineering faults due to proactive checks.
  • Enhanced team collaboration, reducing time taken for complex tasks.

Priced per room, per month

Gamified Front Office Module

Overview: Experience the future of front desk operations where every guest interaction, check-in, and problem resolution is not just a task, but a rewarding challenge. Elevate the energy and enthusiasm of your front desk associates, making first impressions unforgettable.


  • Award points for efficient and welcoming check-ins.
  • Simulate guest scenarios for associates to resolve and earn badges.
  • Points for positive guest feedback, and encouraging impeccable service.
  • Display daily and weekly top-performing front desk associates.

Benefits Reported:

  • Faster check-in processes were reported leading to reduced guest wait times.
  • Increase in positive guest feedback for front desk interactions.
  • Boost in associate morale, leading to a decrease in staff turnover at the front desk.

Priced per room, per month

Gamified Housekeeping Module

Overview: Turn room service and cleaning tasks into a rewarding experience. As rooms are serviced on time and with excellent quality, points are awarded, fostering a sense of accomplishment and motivation among housekeeping staff.


  • Point-based room servicing tasks
  • Badges for streak completions and spotless work
  • Leaderboards showcasing top performers
  • Feedback integration for supervisor reviews on cleanliness

Benefits Reported:

  • 25% increase in productivity leading to more rooms serviced per hour.
  • Significant boost in positive guest feedback regarding room cleanliness.
  • Reduced training time with game-based learning of cleaning protocols.

Priced per room, per month

Gamified Service Person Module

Overview: Empower your service personnel with a gamified platform that recognizes and rewards their dedication. Whether it's room service, bell duties, or concierge tasks, every responsibility becomes a chance to excel and be recognized.


  • Assign points to routine tasks, making every duty a rewarding experience.
  • Badges for exceptional service or for mastering specific areas of service.
  • Collaborative challenges where service teams work together to earn group rewards.
  • Guests can give kudos, contributing to the service person’s points and rankings.

Benefits Reported:

  • Several-minute boost in efficiency due to increased motivation among service personnel.
  • Increases in guest satisfaction when interacting with service teams.
  • Enhanced team collaboration, resulting in faster resolution of complex service requests.

Priced per room, per month

Gamified Performance Modules

Gamification Corporate Admin

Overview: Monitor, measure, and motivate with the power of gamification. Set goals, track progress, and reward achievements, fostering a proactive approach to performance.


  • Goal setting with point objectives
  • Achievement badges for milestones
  • Leaderboards for departmental performance
  • Feedback and review integration

Benefits Reported:

  • Boost in overall staff engagement in technology platforms.
  • Significant Increase in goal attainment rates.
  • Improved morale leading to better guest interactions.

Priced by Org Size

Gamified Performance Module

Overview: Incorporate game mechanics into training sessions, making them engaging, interactive, and effective. Boost retention and application of learned skills.


  • Interactive training scenarios
  • Quizzes with point systems
  • Real-world application challenges
  • Points for gamified tasks (new loyalty enrollment, % increases in guest satisfaction, etc.)

Benefits Reported:

  • Faster training completion rates
  • Increase in the successful application of trained skills.
  • Enhanced associate engagement during training leading to stronger knowledge retention.

Priced per Hotel/Year

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