We believe in Happier Hospitality

When teams are motivated, recognized, and rewarded, they naturally pass on this positivity to the guests they interact with. Through our gamified solutions, we're not just optimizing operations;

we're empowering happier hospitality.

The Heartbeat Behind PurpleCloud

The Spark of Inspiration

Our story is deeply rooted in the bustling corridors, lively lobbies, and behind-the-scenes activities of hotels worldwide. Our founder, who spent years working in every operational department of various hotels, knows the world of hospitality inside out. It was her passion, and she loved every minute of it.

But while the industry excelled in crafting joy-filled experiences for guests, she often observed a stark contrast in the atmosphere behind the curtains. For an industry synonymous with creating happiness, the disconnect she witnessed for the hardworking teams was profound. This realization became the catalyst for PurpleCloud.

Bridging the Gap

Driven by the mission to bring joy and motivation not just to the guests but equally to the heartbeat of the hotels - the teams, our founder embarked on a journey to bridge this gap. She believed in the power of technology combined with the right dose of human touch. And thus, PurpleCloud, a seamless blend of behavioral psychology, gamification, and hospitality was born.

Our Stellar Team

Adria Levtchenko

Founder & CEO

Harry Mitchell


Chris Kendrick

VP Customer Success

Tyler Mulkey

VP Business Dev & Partnerships

Our Guiding Lights

Guiding our journey are some of the most experienced minds in the industry.

Our board boasts major hotel brand executives, individuals who've shaped the world of hospitality and understand the intricacies of hotel operations at a macro level. Their insights, combined with our founder's ground-level experience, ensure that PurpleCloud is always in tune with the evolving needs of the industry.

Tim Harvey


Nell Williams


Jim Denny Jr.


Jamie Hamilton


Jeff Edwards


Raymond Walheim

Board Observer

Kazys Razgaitis

Board Observer

Ken Manning

Board Observer

Oliver Bonke


Page Petry


Kirk Kinsell


Greg Miller


Michele Sarkisian


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