Elevated Excellence

Gamified Performance Module

Build a culture where continuous learning and improvement are not just encouraged—they are celebrated. Prepare your team not just for the job at hand, but for a career of growth and success.

Set up a campaign in just 5 minutes.

Yes, we're serious. It's that easy & fast to do.

Choose the Basics

Name it, style it, pick your dates, and add a description.

Load Training & Trivia

Upload your training content and create a few trivia questions per training item to assess understanding.

Define Success

Enter benchmarks, goals, and participants that should be involved.

Interactive Learning, Impactful Outcomes

5 minutes of micro-training per day, keeps the hours-long training away.

  • Game-Based Learning Modules
    • Interactive and scenario-based training that captivates attention and enhances retention.
  • Progressive Points System
    • Reward progress through courses and modules, incentivizing staff to excel and advance their knowledge continuously.
  • Performance Milestones Recognition
    • Celebrate and reward the attainment of key performance indicators and the mastery of new skills.

Teamwork & Tournaments

Leaderboards and group tournaments encourage both individual and team performance.

Analytics-Driven Performance Insights & Actions

Real-time reporting leads to immediate action

  • Insightful Dashboards
    • Gain a clear view of individual and team progress with analytics that tracks training completion and performance metrics.
  • Real-time Bonus Opportunities
    • Based on what you're seeing (and our settings), we can provide bonus opportunities. These are great extra incentives for slower days, holidays, or training course completion.
  • Push Notifications
    • Management can now directly correspond with their on-site teams with push notifications. Send extra encouragement whenever you feel it's needed.

Perks, Prizes, & Potential!

What is the success of your goals worth?

A small prize? A raffle for a bigger prize? Some on-site perks? The options are endless and highly motivating.




What people say about the experience:

"This was such a fun way to learn! We chatted throughout the campaign promoting friendly competition. A training program incentivized with a leaderboard and rewards are definitely beneficial, as it lights a fire under everyone to not only DO the training but get the trivia questions in order to get more points. Definitely would recommend using Purple Cloud!"

Director of Events

"It was easy to use, I liked the quick videos. It kept me attentive and focused on the key information of the topic. The questions were a great way for me to check my understanding of the topic."

Event Manager

"I really enjoyed the training. It definitely was the one bite of the elephant at a time-method. Sometimes when you are training there is too much in one day coming at you. This lighter method and Trivia questions did not give me as much pressure or stress about passing or completing it was taught in a great method."

Event Manager


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